Diversified Platform Customized wallet solutions that cover multiple scenarios
Through the secure and reliable white-label wallet solutions from ChainUp, clients including exchange operators, asset management firms, brokers, and token issuers, will be able to create new revenue sources, maximize liquidity and trade in the most efficient way possible.
Multiple Application Scenarios
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Bitcoin & Virtual Token Payment Solutions
ChainUp’s wallet solutions are applicable to different mobile payment solutions, allowing users to manage digital token transactions in a quick, secure, and reliable manner.ChainUp's solution architecture meets all international safety standards.
OTC & Investment Transaction Platform
ChainUp’s wallet solutions enable applications such as OTC transactions, derivatives investments, international transfers, P2P transfers on mobile devices. Meanwhile, the payment services layer is able to seamlessly handle accounting businesses, such as transactions, settlement and reconciliation.
Powerful Social Fission Tool
Based on clients’ needs, ChainUp's wallet solutions are able to integrate marketing and traffic distribution tools to help clients increase end-user traffic, attract new users, and promote brand influence.
One-click Access to Web3
ChainUp's decentralized wallet is able to seamlessly connect to your business, allowing quick and easy access to digital tokens and blockchain-related features to help build your metaverse.ChainUp's white-label wallet platform helps different clients create fully - managed wallets with features that are ever- evolving to best fulfil the needs of their business and the market.
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White-label Front-end Design
Create Your Own Brand and Design
ChainUp's white-label wallet is fully customizable based on the client’s unique brand (including URL, name, token and logo), allowing clients to use their branded virtual currency wallet while ensuring usability and security.
ChainUp's white-label wallet offers the following features
ChainUp's wallet solution is not just offered “as it is”. It serves as a new option and opportunity for your business growth and development, supporting your business to reach a new level.
Multiple account system
Safety features
Payment scheme
Transfer transactions
Other Management Functions
Investment opportunities
Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
Password and biometric authentication
Audit trails and reports
Separate authorization codes and login IDs
ChainUp Wallet Features System
Why choose ChainUp's wallet solutions ?
Build a secure, modular and scalable digital asset business with ChainUp
  • One-stop Delivery
    Multiple modes, flexible virtual currency settings and multi-language support to add and integrate new workflows and functions for your business.
  • Users’ Security as Priority
    ChainUp has built a comprehensive risk control system to ensure the security of users' wallets and account assets. In addition, ChainUp's solutions meet international financial standards such as ISO 27000 SOC CC EAL 4+ FIP 140-2 level 3.
  • Complete Scalability
    Multiple modes, flexible virtual currency settings and multi-language support to add and integrate new workflows and functions for your business.
  • Multiple Application Scenarios
    ChainUp provides users with innovative and efficient Fintech solutions so that users from different industries may enjoy optimal mobile wallet experiences.ChainUp is constantly expanding the functional modules to serve more industries and regions.
  • Development & Deployment of Cloud Businesses
    Low-cost development, multi-node and multi-server support to ensure efficient and fast service operations and data storage.
  • Flexible, Easy-to-Use Features
    ChainUp's wallet features can be widely accessed and applied to a variety of scenarios, providing end users with secure, convenient and easy-to-use wallet features.
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