Industry Leading Liquidity
We can provide you with liquidity that puts you on par with the world's top-tier exchanges. Leverage our solutions to ensure deep liquidity for your exchange post-launch.
Gain access to the deep liquidity pools of major exchanges
Geographically flexible, with servers for clients around the world
Close system monitoring to minimize downtime; we provide in-depth training for clients
Customizable spreads and markups
Supports multi-currency exchanges
Tailored market making solutions
Key Features
This unique software allows full customization of order book depth and thresholds to independently price orders, while supporting both sides of the market. Add liquidity to your exchange and increase the depth of your order book, while providing a new revenue stream for your business.
  • Reduce market risks
  • Real-time optimal pricing and execution
  • Automated market making
  • Redefine market making orders
Liquidity Aggregation
We aggregate liquidity from numerous global exchanges to obtain better depth, lower bid-ask spreads, and better bid-ask prices.
  • Liquidity aggregation enables you to become a large liquidity provider for downstream brokers, exchanges, etc.
  • Enables customization of price spreads
Our Solutions
ChainUp’s diversified liquidity solutions enhance liquidity for small- and medium-sized exchanges by aggregating liquidity depth and flows from leading global markets and exchanges in ChainUp's ecosystem.This also enables many start-up exchanges to accelerate their liquidity from zero to one. ChainUp has provided stable liquidity solutions to over 300 clients worldwide, and is committed to becoming the leading liquidity solutions provider in the world.
Spot Liquidity Solutions
Derivatives Liquidity Solutions
Leveraged ETF Liquidity Solutions
Spot Liquidity Solutions
Includes both coin-margined liquidity and fiat-margined liquidity solutions. Coin-margined liquidity refers to providing liquidity for different cryptocurrencies to be exchanged for one another, including USDT, USDC, BUSD, BTC, ETH, etc. and trading pairs such as BTC/USDT, BTC/USDC, BTC/BUSD, and ETH/BTC. Fiat-margined liquidity refers to providing liquidity for different cryptocurrencies to be exchanged for fiat currencies such as the US dollar, with trading pairs such as BTC/USD, ETH/USD, etc.
  • Best bids and offers
  • Customized spreads and mark-ups
  • Re-market liquidity
  • Comprehensive statistics reports
  • Tiered back-end account management
  • Complete order history
  • Comprehensive business monitoring
  • Effective position-managing strategies
  • Flexible co-location deployment
  • Bridging of decentralization-to-centralization liquidity transition
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