Comprehensive Product Strength
Our digital assets exchange solutions
  • Cover core trading modules of exchanges in the market such as spot, contracts, leverage, ETFs, NFTs, payments
  • Support three interfaces: App, H5, PC
  • Offer industry leading liquidity services supporting over 3,000 trading pairs
  • Over 10 operational tools to facilitate user acquisition and conversion
  • Utilize ChainUp Custody as the underlying wallet, support main chains and corresponding tokens of top three exchanges
  • Integrate leading risk control strategies to ensure the security of exchanges
  • Allow three deployment methods to meet your needs: SaaS Cloud, Privatization (Hosting), Privatization
  • Include compliance solutions that help address any compliance challenges
  • Leverage distributed matchmaking engine to adapt to sudden traffic influx, second-level disaster recovery
We support exchanges from development to maintanence
Exchange Operational Tools
Over 10 operational tools to facilitate user acquisition and conversion
Operations & Maintanence Solutions
Protect hardware, software, and data to ensure continuous, reliable, and stable operations
Liquidity of ChainUp's Digital Assets Exchange Solutions
Gain access to deep liquidity pools through our solutions
Liquidity pools for 300 SaaS exchanges
Strong technical expertise and high security
Multi-strategy, multiple transaction types
Support 3000 + trading pairs
Comparable to liquidity depth of top tier exchanges
Increase the depth of client orders through remarketer service while providing new revenue streams
Server hosting deployment, provides geographic flexibility to clients around the world
24/7 client support, close monitoring to reduce system downtime and provide clients with in-depth training
We help with any compliance challenges
Compliance requirements vary across industry or country; hence we partner with renowned compliance agencies to provide close to a hundred compliance solutions tailored to specific requirements to meet the highest pass rates globally.
Sumsub is an all-in-one platform for identity verification, fraud prevention, and KYC/KYB & AML compliance. Its customizable solution verifies users no matter their language or location, helping businesses scale to international markets faster and adhere to global compliance requirements more efficiently. The checks are easily adjustable and range from fully-automated identity verification to agent-assisted verification.
ChainUp Exchange System Architecture
Comparison of Deployment Packages
SaaS (Public Cloud)
For clients with user base, operational capabilities but lack technical staff
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For clients with user base, operational capabilities and technical staff, as well as wish to deploy independently but do not require source code.
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Privatization (Hosting)
For clients who wish to fully customize the system based on operational needs, and/or want to serve designated and special countries.
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