Digital Assets

Trading System


Spot Trading System

High scalability, supporting online real-time trading of multiple digital assets.

Privatization SaaS System

Futures Trading System

Able to use up to 20 times the leverage and a small amount of funds to win the highest profits.

Privatization SaaS System

Over-the-counter System

Supporting over-the-counter digital assets exchange to facilitate the Token circulation in exchanges

Privatization SaaS System

Marketmaking System

Providing the trading depth and K-line map of the real trading environment, the intelligent robot strategy can reduce the transaction risk.

SaaS System

Product Features

Security System
Risk Control System
Cold and Hot Wallets
Matchmaking System
Quote Charts
Finance System
Global SMS Gateway
Transaction As Mining

Wallet System


Decentralized Wallets

Providing the most efficient, comprehensive and safest on-chain asset services. Supporting multi-chain one-stop asset management. Using the HD Wallet technology, multi-signature encryption to ensure the digital asset security. What’s more, the abundant market information and the first-hand blockchain development are provided.

* Supporting privatized deployment and SaaS system

Centralized Wallet Cross-exchange Trading System

Supporting the cross-exchange trading, providing more convenient asset trading services on the chain and also supporting the multi-chain one-stop asset management. Through the professional security system, risk control system, hot and cold wallet system, financial monitoring system, etc. to guarantee the security of the digital assets in various dimensions.

* Supporting privatized deployment and SaaS system

Product Features

Convenient management, all Tokens
The world's top professional anti-fraud system
Real-time obtaining market quotes and news



Consortium Chain

We provide public and consortium chain solutions and reliable worldwide one-stop services to facilitate blockchain services in fields of finance, credit reporting, logistics, energy, investment management, medical care, entertainment, and secure storage.


ChainUP, a global service provider of blockchain technology, offers blockchain systems such as digital asset trading solutions, wallet SaaS service solutions, and customized public blockchain service for enterprises. Based on the incessant iteration by massive and booming business, ChainUp has the ability to provide secure, stable, reliable, and worldwide one-stop service from fundamental framework to elaborate operation.

  • Zhong Gengfa

    Founder, CEO

    He once served as the technical director of Baidu SNS Division and formed Baidu’s technical team from the very beginning. Prior to the foundation of CHAINUP technology, he worked as CTO at the P2P car rental platform START (PP car rental) which is well know in China.

  • Du Jun

    Co-Founder, Board Member

    Co-founded and served as CMO. He is currently the founder of Jinse Finance, the founder of Node Capital.

  • Hu Donghai


    Co-founder of and served as the head of products and operations, accumulating rich experience in the blockchain industry. Founder of honeycomb mining machine, current CEO. One of the earliest consecutive entrepreneurs to join the internet industry in China.